Join our new Facebook group, Next Level Flipping

Join our new Facebook group, Next Level Flipping

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Hi Everyone! I'd like to welcome you to the official Retique It Community (Home of Liquid Wood and Renaissance Furniture Paint)! This group is intended for beginners as well as those who professionally use and sell Retique It. It's pronounced Re-Teek It....rhymes with Antique😉. Feel free to share pictures of projects that you have used Retique It on. We gladly welcome everyone in this group...even those that are less experienced with this newly patented liquid wood technology.

We hope this helps you in your journey to be able to either grow your flipping business or just help you with updating your home.

If you need help, please tag Michele Corwin or Jessica Faye Filitti (resident designer), otherwise the notification may get overlooked.

Feel free to search for any questions you might ask by clicking on this link-->

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