How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become a Business Strategy Coach?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a resulting “compelling story”, that brought me to where I am today – coaching people like you on exactly what to do to identify your passion, build your ideal brand and holding your hand through the process of awakening your business bliss. That defining moment in my life happened in 2008.

It was quite possibly the lowest point in my life…

About 10 years ago I was single with 3 small children, going through a divorce.

I had to file bankruptcy, and my good credit suddenly became bad. My minivan was repossessed, and my access to credit was pretty much gone.

I felt like a complete failure in life.

I knew inside that I had gifts and passions, but I just didn't know how to express them.

I was doing accounting work for other small businesses and seeing how much revenue they were generating.

This got me daydreaming about being in business for myself.

I realized I no longer wanted to be someone else’s employee, I wanted to run my own profitable business.

However, I was stuck in a major rut, and I had no access to credit cards due to my bankruptcy.

I started various side hustles trying to find a way to stay home with my children. I worked for several MLM companies with very little success…

...selling everything from diet shakes to makeup.

I couldn’t make any of it work and felt like something was wrong with me…

...again, adding to the failure mentality.

I had tried reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and other various Law of Attraction books.

I listened to motivational speakers, and I'd always felt encouraged and hopeful yet slightly confused on how to implement any of it.

For example, I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around Joseph Campbell’s coined phrase – “Follow your bliss” although I was always intrigued by it.

I mean -- What is bliss anyway?

Little did I know that I would soon find that bliss comes from inspiration!

One day I was scanning through beautiful pictures of well-decorated homes on Pinterest and all sorts of styles and décor.

...just browsing pictures for the sheer joy of it. (fun!)

The pictures led to me watching a few YouTube videos related to furniture flipping.

These videos truly inspired me, and I became anxious to try it myself.

I bought a small $10 table and refurbished it! I sold it the same day on Craigslist for $100. It may not sound like much to some, but…

The light bulb went off!

I became a believer—I was following my bliss! I decided to try larger pieces of furniture, and the momentum built.

A sort of income "Snowball Effect" took place and it happened quickly.

I not only began to gain contract work, but I was able to identify needs and holes in the market and began to find ways to fill that gap.

I was in the game!

It was so much fun tapping into my creative side and working in a world where transformation was the focal point.

As I increased my knowledge regarding flipping furniture for profit, and developing my own brand, likewise I was flipping my own life into something much more enjoyable and meaningful.

My business quickly grew into a 7-figure income. Along with that came steep learning curves…

I began to network throughout the country and expanded quickly into e-commerce, and brand development.

As I navigated a new market space, there were concepts I needed to understand to keep moving forward.

I wish I had known what I know now and could somehow step back in time and teach myself those things early on.

It would have saved me from a lot of time, money and tears.

But I blazed my own trail, and the knowledge I gained was invaluable! Things like…

  • Learning the most effective marketing strategies
  • Optimizing e-commerce listings
  • Sourcing properly and overcoming obstacles that come with growth.

The growth journey has been very spiritual for me, in that it has taught me the mechanics of faith and hope.

I know that I was meant to share my journey, and the knowledge that came from it, with others it resonates with.

The day I stopped wallowing in my own desperation and started just simply trying to find joy in my life was when I started moving in the direction of my dreams.

I will say it’s been a wild ride but believe me when I tell you that I have been given exceedingly and abundantly more than I have ever asked God for in this journey…so much more!

You see…hitting rock bottom was really a blessing in disguise… It was my stepping stone to the life I’d always dreamed of.

I am grateful to be at a place where I can share this with others.

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